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Installing the GIT version

Tested on MacOS X (10.13)

Important note: the current Git version is not compatible with the GAMA 1.6.1 release: if you plan to create plugins for this release, please download the source at revision r11988 (on Google Code) and Eclipse following this procedure. It is neither compatible with the GAMA 1.7RC2 release: if you plan to create plugins for this release, please download the source on the branch mars on the GitHub and install Eclipse Mars SR2.

Install Eclipse Oxygen

Download the “Eclipse Oxygen 3A IDE for Java and DSL Developers” version. This is the latest version under which GAMA is certified to work. Regarding Java, we strongly recommend to install the Java Oracle 1.8 JDK that can be downloaded here.

Unpack it and launch it. Please refer to this link for more information on running Eclipse.

One important step required for GAMA to correctly produce its supporting files once it will have been installed is to set the default encoding of the workspace to UTF-8. It can be done by selecting, in the Preferences, “General”, then “Workspace”, then “Text file encoding” and choosing “UTF-8” in the drop-down menu available in “Other:”.

If you install another version of Eclipse, please keep in mind that GAMA is compatible only, for the moment, with XText 2.14.0 (see here to obtain it).

Install additional required components to Eclipse

The Xtext plugin provided with the Eclipse release should be updated to XText 2.14.

  1. Open the install window:
    • Help > Install new softwares
  2. Choose the plugin to install
    • Copy the following address in Work with text field:
    • Uncheck Show only the latest versions of available software
    • In Xtext, check:
    • Xtext Complete SDK * Next
  3. Accept the licence and restart.

Install GAMA source code

The source is to be downloaded from GitHub in two steps: by creating a local clone of the GitHub repository and then importing the different projects that constitute GAMA into the Eclipse workspace.

  1. Open the Git perspective:
    • Windows > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other…
    • Choose Git Open GIT perspective
  2. Click on “Clone a Git repository” Clone Repository
    • In Source Git repository window:
    • Fill in the URI label with:
    • Other fields will be automatically filled in. Source GIT repository
      * In Branch Selection windows,
    • check the master branch
    • Next

Git branch selection

  • In Local Destination windows,
    • Choose a Directory (where the source files will be downloaded).
    • Everything else should be unchecked
    • Finish

Local destination

This can take a while…

Import projects into workspace

You have now to import projects into the workspace (notice that the folders downloaded during the clone will neither be copied nor moved).

Note: contrarily to previous Eclipse versions, import project from the Git perspective does not work properly for GAMA.

  1. In the Java perspective, choose:
    • File / Import...,

Context Working tree

  • In the install window, select Git / Projects from Git,
  • Click on Next,
  • In the Project from Git window, select Existing local repository.,

Context Local Repository

  • Click on Next,
  • In the newt window, select your Git repository,
  • Click on Next,
  • In the Select a wizard to used to import projects, check that
    • Import existing Eclipse projects is selected
    • Working Tree is selected

GIT Import projects

  • Click on Next,
  • In the Import project window,
    • Uncheck Search for nested projects
    • Select all the projects Choose Projects to import
  • Finish
    1. Clean project (Project menu > Clean …)

If you have errors…

If errors continue to show on in the different projects, be sure to correctly set the JDK used in the Eclipse preferences. GAMA is targeting JDK 1.8, and Eclipse will produce errors if it not found in your environment. So, either you set the compatibility to 1.8 by default (in Preferences > Java > Compiler > Compiler Compliance Level) or you change the error produced by Eclipse to a warning only (in Preferences > Java > Compiler > Building > “No strictly compatible JRE for execution environment available).


  1. In the ummisco.gama.product plugin, open the gama.runtime.product file (gama.product is used to produce the release).
  2. Go to “Overview” tab and click on Synchronize
  3. Click on Launch an Eclipse Application

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