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Since GAMA is a free opensource software, we are proud to share the source code with anyone who wants to contribute to the platform. Note that GAMA is easy to extand through the use of additionnal plugins.

Source Code

GAMA can be downloaded as a regular application or built from source, which is necessary if you want to contribute to the platform. The source code is available from this GITHub repository

Which you can also browse from the web here. It is, in any case, recommended to follow the instructions on this page in order to build GAMA from source.

Reporting an Issue

If you want to report a bug, request an enhancement, it is possible via Gama Platform Github Page.

GAMA Dev mailing list

If you want to contribute to the platform, you can send a request to the developping team to be in the mailing list.


GAMA is being designed, developed and maintained by an active group of researchers coming from different institutions in France and Vietnam. Please find below a short introduction to each of them and a summary of their contributions to the platform:

Citing GAMA

If you use GAMA in your research and want to cite it (in a paper, presentation, whatever), please use this reference:

A. Grignard, P. Taillandier, B. Gaudou, D-A. Vo, N-Q. Huynh, A. Drogoul (2013), GAMA 1.6: Advancing the Art of Complex Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation. In ‘PRIMA 2013: Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems’, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 8291, Springer, pp. 117-131.

or you can choose to cite the website instead:

GAMA Platform website,

A complete list of references (papers and PhD theses on or using GAMA) is available on the references page.